Friday, May 29, 2009

Time for a new career?

In these harsh economic times, a growing number of people are considering going back to school to learn a new trade. I have considered this option. I have always been interested in forensic science and crime scene investigation. I also have a love of photography so I'm thinking......perhaps a mix of the two?

I really enjoy tv shows such as The First 48, Crime 360 or Forensic Files. I feel like I've learned alot from watching real shows like these over the years but of course there's always more I could learn. We have a client at my work who is a forensic anthropologist and she was telling me about a class that St. Louis University has that I am considering. You don't have to be employed in the field to take the class, which is nice. Not 100% sure I can afford the class, it's $850 but I can make payments on it until it's paid for.

The class is called 'Medicolegal Death Investigators Training Course'. It's a 1 week course offered only 3 times a year that covers 29 topics of study ranging from 'Are you sure it's a natural death?' to 'Identification techniques' to 'SIDS' and more! I am really considering taking this class...I mean, it's not like I'm capable of creating a new wonder acne treatment that will make millions! I certainly don't like hearing my boss say it's time to close the office because he's out of money...again! I need a little better stability and there will always be crime! How about you, considering education for a new career?

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