Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New addiction: Restaurant City on Facebook

Ok, here I go again! No, not shopping for much needed lighting for my way too dark apartment, I'm spending my free time (and some not 'free' time) playing yet another Facebook game!!! This time, it's not farms and crops, it's chefs and menus!!

Journeyman's Inn 7/8/09

Restaurant City is a really fun game by Playfish, kinda like a Sims game. You have employees that you have to assign jobs to, a restaurant to name and decorate and also make functional, a menu to gather ingredients for and restrooms to keep clean so your customers don't complain and give you thumbs down. It's great! I'm having a blast with it trying to keep my approval rating up as high as I can get it. The highest I've had it was right around 48 and the highest possible is 50, so that was a good day. Of course you get a bigger restaurant and more employees as you get more and more gourmet points for serving customers who pay $2 each or the meal. Your employees have individual energy levels that you have to maintain at a decent level, otherwise they begin to work more slowly and your customers will complain and leave, giving you a thumbs down LOL

If you are on Facebook, why not check it out! And if we are friends, we will get 1 free ingredient the first time we visit each other's restaurant! :)

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