Sunday, July 12, 2009

'Deuce' bag

Today I saw a man walking his two small dogs through the neighborhood. The first thing I looked for was, well to be honest...I looked to see if the man had a poo disposal bag on hand. You'd be surprised at how many people come unprepared but this guy was packin'. Great!

What I saw next baffled me a bit.

Perhaps he was contemplating some term life quotes he received earlier in the day and just wasn't paying attention but after one of his dogs copped a squat, the man just walked on! Clean bag in hand. The poo was just left there on the neighbor's lawn! What's the point of a 'deuce' bag if you don't use it!? The City of St. Louis has provisions for feces removal according to section 10.04.310 of ordinance number 66384, for just such an occasion. Obviously he knew this because he brought the bag along, right?

Perhaps he carries the empty bag as a criticism deterrent. He cares *just enough* to keep the watchful eyes at bay. You know, if a neighbor happens along, he can put it to use. If not, the poo is as good as fertilizer and the unused plastic bag lives on for another day. Win, win, win.

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BeccaGirl said...

This post has me worried about Google searches on 'feces removal'. Wonder how many hits it will get?