Wednesday, July 15, 2009

'Wicked' movie buzz

I'm hearing some buzz about a production company making the Broadway musical 'Wicked' into a movie in 2010. Everyone here should already know, I am a *HUGE* Wicked fan, it is magnificent! The music, the characters, the costumes, the story, the music!!! I've seen it both times it has rolled through St. Louis and I have the CD soundtrack handy at all times for those Wicked moments I need to sing about. I already know the musical production will be coming back around again to the fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis in June of 2010, so how will the opening of a 'Wicked' movie within the same year affect the still touring production of the musical?

I'm having some reservations about the 'Wicked' movie being able to live up to the very theatrical and dramatic musical production. Will it even be a movie-musical or will they simply make it a movie more like from the book? We'll have to see I guess, but if you have not already seen Wicked the musical, do that first before you consider seeing the movie.

I am excited at the thought that the movie could be a good representation of the magic and pageantry that is the musical because every time it's over, I want to watch it over again! Stay tuned folks, this is a story I will be keeping my eyes on as it develops.

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