Monday, July 27, 2009

Count me in...

I've been thinking about alot of random things lately. One particular thought that lingers is how lazy we are these days with all our modern inventions. I remember hearing my grandma talk about making soap. Yeah, making it into bars to wash their clothes and persons. What???

We are so lazy now, we not only have liquid soap with a pump dispenser on top, oh no! We now have pumps that give off foaming soap suds! Are we really so lazy it's too much effort for us to rub our hands together to lather up the soap, we need a pump to dispense it out that way? What's next? A diet pill for cats?

Eh, why not? Besides, with Bath and Body works, the foam dispensers come in such wonderful flavors! LOL My fave for the kitchen is Coconut Lime Verbena, just in case anyone wants to pick one up for me as a gift sometime. Or Dancing Waters is great for my bathroom! :) (Pssst, they are on sale right now, too!)

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Joyce said...

Hi, Becca,
I stopped by Bath and Body works recently, and agree that the Coconut Lime Verbena has a lovely, summer-y fragrance. :)