Sunday, September 20, 2009

Before or After?

At our Valley Girl meeting today, one of the ladies brought her Avon makeup supplies to do makeovers on those who were willing. If you read my blog from time to time, you might already know: I hate makeup on me. I hate the way it looks, I hate the way it feels and I hate the way it wipes off onto things like my phone, bleh!

So, without further is the before and after from today's makeover:

Just another confirmation that I do not need to be wearing makeup...or that I still haven't found the right makeup for my coloring yet. I look gray! I washed it off immediately when I came home...I sure don't need any excuses to buy an acne treatment! I've always had phobias about that...but that's another post entirely. For now, the search continues. I vote for the before :)


Dawn said...

I vote for the before too. I don't hate wearing makeup, but I find that I rarely have the time to put it on anymore. It's kind of nice to go without and be fresh faced.

psychospazmom said...

Well, I think the foundation is all wrong. It makes you look white, when you are clearly dark. You can see the contrast at your neck, no good. Otherwise, I like the little bit of color on your lips and such. Brightens you up and makes you look, well, pretty. Kinda springy or something. So, I vote, with the proper foundation, a little color would go a long way for you! See ya later! Love

Anonymous said...

I think that the eye makeup and lip color look beautiful! The only thing that needs to change is the foundation color.. You look fabulous in the after!! This is Lisa from church :)