Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gold into Cash, serious cash!


When I first thought about that old broken, thin gold chain that was in my jewelry box...I never imagined it would be worth anything. Once I began to go through my old jewelry, I found a few thin chains, a heart locket that was dented and scratched and a big silver cross pendant that would NEVER stay polished. It was a gift and never looked very good because it tarnished faster than I could shine it up!

So I decided to find out how much cash for gold I could get. I went to the website, entered my info and they sent me a FedEx package in the mail. You simply put your gold, silver or platinum in the bag, fill out the inventory sheet (4 necklaces, 1 locket and 1 pendant in my case), seal up the prepaid package and drop it off at a staffed FedEx location! A couple of days later, they send you an email with an offer! Here's a picture of the small items I sent in:

I thought perhaps I'd get $20 or $25 for it. After all, one of the chains was broken and more than one was stamped with 10k, not even 14k. The locket was scratched and dented....anyway, what was taking up room in my jewelry box for usable pieces would certainly not be missed by me. I was delighted to receive an offer by email for $69.85!!! Say what?! Wow, I'm impressed. Now it's a couple of days later and the money has been deposited into my PayPal account. I think I'll go back and see what else I may have in there just taking up space! :) This was a very fun and exciting and profitable experience. I'd do it again! I need to get one of those metal detectors and go out on treasure hunts! LOL


Vivian said...

w0w....i am going to go thru my stuff too...!!!

BeccaGirl said...

@Ben (comment deleted) I normally don't keep comments from new readers with 0 prior comment history when they leave urls for websites, sometimes they are spam so. Feel free to become a regular, commenting reader and perhaps I will be able to allow your comments with urls. I did find your info helpful, thank you for coming by!