Friday, September 11, 2009

Warning: Political post on health care reform

I don't go into politics much here on BeccA's Buzz. From time to time I do come across information on various current issues that I share with my readers and that sometimes includes what's going on in our government. I'm on record as saying, I'm not one for picking political sides....liberal vs. conservative or democrat vs. republican...I dislike politics on many levels but I get the need to have more than one choice.

Today I'd like to share a piece written by Jordan Sekulow. He and his father Jay Sekulow are out there on the front lines fighting and winning legal battles for you and me with the American Center for Law and Justice. He has written a very important article called Obama should be apologizing, not Congressman Wilson.

I do agree there needs to be health care reform...I do not agree with the current proposal. Do be careful if you choose to comment. I will be moderating comments closely. Go to the and sign the petition if you want to say NO to government run health care.


Cat. said...

I would just like to point out that the Honourable Rep. from South Carolina accused Obama of lying at the point that the President was talking about his health plan NOT covering people in this country illegally. Rep. Wilson accused the President of lying about something the President was not lying about. Why should Mr. Wilson not apologize for being wrong? Has the state of courtesy in this country reached the point where we no longer recognize that basic level of respect?

As for Planned Parenthood, speaking as the mother of a teenager and the youth group leader at our church and someone who works on the 'front lines' with teens...bring it on! Kids need to be told the truth about their reproductive health: if you have sex (and believe me, many of them do/are/will) you are risking pregnancy, disease, your future. Better to have the facts, and to have access to the most effective weapons against those three possibilities.

Because, yeah, really (I can't reiterate this enough): kids--GOOD kids! Even Christian kids!! are having sex. Right now, perhaps.

By the way, some kids are not actively choosing to have sex. Many (many many many--want to hear some personal stories??) are under extreme peer pressure or are being abused. Having Planned Parenthood available for these kids could quite literally save their lives.

Disclaimer: I am very much aware that plenty of good kids are not having sex, and for that I applaud them. Would that everyone was able to make that very mature decision.

[as a mood lightener--the captcha is cracking me up, very ironic]

forgetfulone said...

Becca, I am against the current proposal as well. And while I think the congressman was out of line, I can see how passionate we all are on these issues, and I do believe our President lies or twists the truth to fit his desires. I'm with ya. I'm Not agreeing with your previous commenter.