Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sweet, sweet snail mail!

I don't remember getting free candy samples in the mail before!

How in the world did they know I like Twizzlers? Hmmm, big brother perhaps? And how did they know where I live? Strange....

The package was damaged in the mail, big surprise, but the candy on the inside was undisturbed. I opened the candy packaging but it was quite difficult. The plastic wrapper kept sticking to the candy. The candy was very...well...sticky. I did try a bite of it..but the consistency was off and I had to spit it out. Just not my cup of tea. The flavors were great, I love cherry the best! I just couldn't get past the gooey-ness of the filling and to be honest the twizzler part of the candy seemed different too.

Dear Twizzler product engineers,

Thanks, but no thanks.


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Anonymous said...

Sounds icky!