Monday, November 09, 2009

Give Me Five Monday Meme #55

Monday, November 9, 2009

The 'Give Me Five' Monday meme is designed to share fun information with each other in a simple short list! Here's how it works. Each week, I will put out a random topic from my list of topics and you share 5 answers of your choice on the given topic and link back here! You can add photos, links or stories or just a simple list of your own of 5 things that relate to the topic as it pertains to you and your life experiences. It doesn't have to be in any order of importance unless otherwise specified.
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Give Me Five foods you never want to eat.

1. Snails: even though they are supposed to be a delicacy, um, yuck!
2. Cow tongue: why is this even on a menu?
3. Snake: just can't even stand the thought of it.
4. Oysters: same reason as #1, yucky looking!
5. Anything that is also considered a bug of ANY kind no matter what part of the world I am in....NO HANGIN' WAY!


Phoenix said...

Love your answers, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yuck! Great question this week and I am glad to have you back. I hope you are feeling better! :)

Marice said...

i have tried eating snails haha its yummy infairness hahaha

fickleinpink said...

I could eat the 1st 4 on your list but I'll pass on the bugs, thank you!

mine's up, so come and visit me ,here if you have the time!


Clara said...

Ewwww! What a great topic. It made me queasy while I was writing my post. I have to admit I've tried cow tongue. I didn't die. It didn't taste all that good either. Won't try it again. And I'm sooooooo with you on the bugs and oysters. Yuck!

Linda said...

I actually like tongue, it is very nice.