Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Home sweet home!

Traveling by yourself can be brutal. If for no other reason that there's no one to share the task of driving with in order to get a break. The good part was being able to stop whenever I wanted to, choose my own route and not stopping when I didn't want to LOL

I left my uncle's house around 6:45 am getting off to a later start than I had wanted by wasting a lot of time moseying around a gas station looking for suitable souvenirs or possible Christmas gift trinkets. I ended up changing my mind on everything! What a waste of drive time.

Later on I decided what I really wanted was a cactus plant so I stopped later and got one from a Home Depot. What better memento of Texas than a cacti and some hot sauce...minus the hot sauce LOL

I also took a big detour to an Ikea store not too far from Dallas and I'm SOOOO glad I did! The closest one to St. Louis is like 4 or more hours away and I was going to be about 22 miles from one so I decided to go. I heart Ikea!!!

So, I traveled for about 28 hours with all the stops along the way...and was actually there for about 36 hours including the time I was asleep. It was worth it though, good to see family after so long. Family shouldn't feel like strangers!!

So now it's back to work for me, lots to do to get caught up. No time for live chat software or playing on Facebook! I won't be doing that much until I get home. :)

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