Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Me!

Another year older.....another year full of things I wish I had done...things I wish I hadn't. I'm not going to talk about weight loss and diet pill reviews or anything like that. My life isn't all about my weight!

At this point all I can do is learn and move on. Turn the page on yesterday. Much too often I pick it back up and drag it around like a ball on a chain locked to my ankle. Some things happen that I can't control and some I can. So when I can't I will have faith that I will be ok through whatever plan the Lord has for me. Even if it hurts me in the moment.

Lots to look forward to!! Dinner with my momma tonight at Red Lobster, dinner with various ladies in my life at the Old Spaghetti Factory tomorrow night, Little House on the Prairie tickets with friends on Tuesday at the Fox Theater, Thanksgiving, trip to Branson with momma over the holiday weekend and then starts the busy and wonderful month of December with all of it's merriment! Holiday parties, caroling, hot chocolate, being with friends and loved ones... who could look forward to all that and not have a smile on your face?? Do yourself a favor, try to see the brightside of things, even if it hurts. ;-)


psychospazmom said...

Happy Birthday, girl! I love to read things that show how much you've grown. It is cool (even though it hurt at the time) that the Lord took us away from one another, so that now, we can have something new, different, and better. Sorry I will miss tomorrow, but looking forward to Tuesday. Hope I can find that gift, by then! LOL Love ya!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday! Looking at the bright side is so important. Enjoy all of the wonderful things you have going on right now...especially dinner with friends at Old Spaghetti Factory. I love that place!

Kel Rohlf said...

Happy Birthday, Becca! Keep your light shining...Thanks for reminding me to look at the bright side of life!

See you around- Kel

Forgetfulone said...

I'm two days late, but wishing you the happiest birthday year!