Sunday, August 01, 2010

August 1st, 2010. Time to get busy!

Well, it's August 1st and this is the month I have planned to "clean and pack." Hrmpfh.

There is a list as long as my arm of dirty jobs that need to be done. I really need to get it together and ditch the procrastinator who dominates inside of me or else I'll never move! I have got to make a list of everything that needs to be done and then literally put it on my calender. Even down to organizing my wrinkle creams or hair accessories! I think it's time to DOWNSIZE everything I own by 50%. I'm not kidding. I should find the time soon, our church is having a rummage sale and what a great opportunity to get unwanted items out of the way. I just don't want to take anything to the new place that I don't have to. If it's one thing I've learned, new places have new personalities and there's a certain percent of the items I'm currently using now that won't work in the new space so the old-old items need to be gone-gone. Anyone care to help? Give me a call, I'll be at it all month!!! Gosh, it's 8pm on day 1 and I haven't done a thing! I already feel like I am behind.

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