Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Controversial new line of maternity clothes

I recently heard a report on Bott Radio Network about a new line of clothes by Forever 21 "geared toward pregnant teens" called Love 21 Maternity. People are all up in arms saying that it promotes teen pregnancy. The models used to show the garments look young to me, like early 20's young, not teenagers. They have released the line in only 5 states and those 5 states happen to have the highest rate of teen pregnancy. Folks, that's just good marketing!

Saying a line of clothes promotes unhealthy lifestyle is like faulting Fashion Bug or The Avenue for having plus size clothes for us big ladies who overeat! Now, I am NOT promoting teen pregnancy in any way...however...these things do happen. I just see a different side. Frankly, isn't the line actually supporting those moms (teenage or early 20's) who choose to carry their babies to term? Amen to that! If more people thought to support rather than condemn...I'm just sayin'.Add Image


Fitness Freak said...

To get the market share companies are using teenage models, While some may say that this promotes teen pregnancy, The companies should be more responsible before coming our with these kind of Ads.

quilly said...

You know what most promtes teen pregnancy? LAck of education and parental guidance. Now I am not saying that is true in every case, but I think a lot less teen girls would be looking for love and attention via sex if they were getting it elsewhere.

BeccA's Buzz said...

@Quilly, This is true :)