Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Suck this!

"It is NOT a baby bottle!" is my recent defense of the BPA free bottles I carry my drinks around in lately.
I read that the Vitamin C in orange juice will help lower your cholesterol and I happen to really enjoy OJ so I buy a gallon of real (not from concentrate) with pulp (see earlier pulp post) and fill one of these tall bottle to 1/2 way to have every morning. I've also been trying to get away from the high sugar in the full flavor soda I've been drinking, so I bought Country Time lemonade and make a gallon of that to use out of as well. The OJ I can leave at work in the fridge during the week but I don't much care for the taste of the water from the office bathroom sink. It's not like we have a water filter supplier so I make and keep the lemonade at home. Therefor I have to lug the empty home at night, refill and repeat the next day. Otherwise I am tempted to drink soda. Of course, Country Time is not sugar free like I need it to be but it does have 50% less sugar than soda and that is a good starting point for me. As for the bottles, I will give you that they are the equivalent of a kid's sippy cup, though.


Vivian said...

good for you!! i have been using one of the metal type for over a year. the only time i purchase water is when i forget the bottle..
try the crystal light lemonade, it is very good.

BeccA's Buzz said...

I've seen a ton of those metal ones and I just can't imagine using one. Don't they *taste* funny???

Ms.Daisy said...

Hi BeccA,
Have you tried Crystal Lite (only 5 calories)? I really like their Raspberry Ice!