Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All these nuts taste the same!

I love snacking on nuts. My 2 faves are pistachios and cashews. So I was excited to find a bag of mixed 100% natural nuts called Pistachio Grove Blend. The mix includes: pistachios, peanuts, almonds and cashews roasted in sea salt with no added oils. Sounds yummy, no?

They all taste the same! I guess it's because they all share the same enclosed space or something but every nut I put in my mouth tastes like the one before :( The flavors are all off, like prom dresses in hotel rooms! You put an almond in your mouth, BOOM! Generic "nut" flavor. Pistachio? BOOM! Generic "nut" flavor. Saddens me really, now I have a whole bag of great looking nuts that have 1 taste. Oh well, I know they are still good for me to snack on so I will power through the end of the bag. Plus, they are already paid for. I just won't be so quick to get mixed nuts again.

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