Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fantasy Football Picks, Week 1

Football rarely comes to mind when I think 'fantasy' with the obvious exception to Peyton Manning. Obviously. That being said, I was invited to play along in a free fantasy football league by a friend and thought, "Hey, it's free, why not!?"

Now, it's no secret that I know as much about player & team stats as I do about Ferrari parts. Trust me, it's nil. So I did what I could and that's guess! Some of you may remember my *HUGE* crush on Peyton Manning. So that's where I started on the list. I found Indianapolis on the list and then clicked all other teams that were on the same side of the list. I chose the Colts to score the most points, this week's opposing team to score the least! Just like that, I'm all set for the first week's picks. I'll let ya know how I do. I'm not holding my breath LOL

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BeccA's Buzz said...

Ok...week 1 did not go so well. LOL