Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jewelry sale time

Every year, there's a lady who hosts a jewelry sale at her house. It's open to anyone who knows of someone who knows of someone and so on. It's not like she puts out bright digital signage on her front porch, it's by word of mouth only. I know of her and the sale through my great aunt's friend. Her sister in law somehow acquires close out jewelry from department stores and once a year has a huge sale to clear it all out!

Well, that sale is today and tomorrow and I have been eagerly awaiting it! Every year there are new and exciting pieces to choose from. This year she had alot of necklaces and bracelets than in the past. There are also earring and necklace sets as well as individual earrings and slides and chains and pins and rings and so on and so forth! I picked out a few items for other people, some gifts and some items for myself. I was so excited I couldn't wait until after work to go, so I left work for a couple of hours to go shop the jewelry sale. My mom went earlier and when she came in the office, I just had to see what all she got. As it turns out, she got a couple of items for me because she thought I would like them (and I did) and she only saw the 1 like it! Yay, it's time for the jewelry sale!!!

Oh, didn't I mention? EVERYTHING IS JUST $2 A PIECE!!!!!!

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