Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"This is your captain speaking..."

The phone rings in your office. You answer to a loud and annoying fog horn blowing. Soon, a man's voice comes on the line, "Hello. This is your captain speaking. You have been chosen to receive a free cruise to Nassau, Bahamas! All you have to do is.." Meanwhile, you can hear dingies dinging and sea gulls hovering if sea gulls every enticed someone to get on board!

The point is, this is the 3rd time this week I've taken this SAME call from 'the Captain' with the SAME offer, UGH! If only there was a way to find out who was calling so I could call them up and give them a piece of my mind and perhaps get my number off their list!

Well, now there is a reverse phone look up service that can trace any phone number and let you know where the call is coming from and who it is! can be used for telephone and cell phone numbers in the US and Canada and there is no way for them to know you are researching the information. Have you ever gotten a missed call from an unknown number and they don't leave you a message? Well, look the number up on and see who it is before returning the call, you may not want to at all!


ezan said...

I love this call! The fog horn brightens up my day...then I hang up. Much better than some of the other scamsters out there conducting 'market research'...pah

Anonymous said...

I hate that M/F to no end. I get that call many times a day! Carefull with that one because I think they actually charge you for picking up the phone. Too bad i can not trace it since the number is 000-000-0000

dogparkdaddy said...

I really can't stand this one. What happens is that when I am not home this call uses up all my answering machine space. It doesn't start the sales spiel until it picks up a voice, even a television sound will trigger the sales pitch, but if nobody is home then it goes into Phone off the hook mode and the operator comes on telling (me) to hang up and try again. Then the off hook beeping starts and goes on forever.

Shaw Digital phone techs have suggested some ways to try to get their network to block it, but the problem with this call is it is listed as Out of Area on caller ID and the number noted is 0000000000. All zeroes as Anonymous has noted as well. There is no such number as an all zero number.
I believe the network itself should simply block any numbers using such a designation because they are not real numbers.

Dan said...

I had this happen too. but then I pressed the #9 on the keypad when prompted and then it took me to a "thank you for removing yourself from _______ marketting"

then that was the end of it. havent heard from them since.

Anonymous said...

interesting.... I received a call from them, went through the 5 or 6 questions it asked for on the phone and then pressed the number to "supposedly" be transferred to an operator to 'receive my 2 free boarding passes' to this bogus cruise. I was SUPER suspicious and quite sure I woudln't receive a free cruise after all, but decided to follow it through just to see what it was about and how they were trying to scam people THIS time. I looked up the scam online while I was waiting for the operator to come online and found this blog. The operator said hello and I asked if he could wait just a moment as I had to put him on hold for a second (I was looking up the scam info but hadn't gotten to it yet). I cam back on the line not 10 seconds later to ask him about what they were offering me exactly and how they could possibly give me a free cruise for having done nothing other than answer my phone and take 2 minutes of my time, but he had... you guessed it - HUNG UP ON ME after saying he would hold a moment!

Obviously there is no way to call them back because the number that came up on my phone was 000-000-0000!!!!! I'm more pissed off that they wasted my time than I am about the fact that they are conducting some market research survey in exchange for a bogus promise of a free all inclusive cruise from the Bahamas!

BeccA's Buzz said...

@Anonymous#2, I can totally understand your frustration. I thought we were about done with this one for a while and then, like a bad 70's disco song that just won't die, it came back!!! So, just wait for will call you back again. If you have the time, submit bogus answers to the survey just to get through it and then when you are connected to a live person, you'll have what you need to confront them. And be sure to let them know we can't stand them either! LOL

Johnny said...

A newer variant: a female voice says "Hello, this is [whatever her name was]. I have an important message for you. Please hold for a moment." After a while, the fog horn and "This is your captain speaking..." I'm actually disappointed that we never get that call at home (my dad gets it all the time at work), because I want to hear the thing for myself.