Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Setting Captives Free

I am so excited to tell everybody about this great website I found! Setting Captives offers all kinds of different online courses, videos, podcasts and other resources to help with addictions and eating issues and other things that keep us captive. To sum it up, they: 'Provide Christ-centered Hope and Freedom'.

I was turned on to the site by a friend and we (Q, Q's husband and myself) have enrolled in the 60 day online course called "The Lord's Table-Phase 1". There is a bible study for each day and there are two different suggested meal/eating plans to choose from. I started the study and changed my eating habits about a week and a half ago and WOW what a difference even the first week made! I feel so much better already, physically and I'm learning more and more every day about how I can honor God with my eating and my life!

For anyone suffering with issues like these, the good news is, there's help for everyone! Whether it be a website and bible study or a full on drug rehabilitation center, there's hope! Setting Captives Free will guide you towards a Godly hope, the Only True Hope! Besides, you know how 'cleaning' things goes, you go to clean up one area and before you know it, you discover 3 other areas that need cleaning up too! Of course, sometimes the situation calls for something more, like a drug rehab, a physical place to go to get away from the temptation of your addiction, a place free from the stresses that prod you to participate. I'd say this website is not quite suited to replace this situation, but for the most of us, it can be quite life changing and help us grow closer in our walk with the Lord.

Pray for me as I continue along this course that I've set sail on. I will be posting more intimate details of my progress and discussing the things I've gleaned from the bible study over on The Wrong Side of the Clouds. If you visit the website or know of someone who it has helped in the past, please leave me a comment!

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