Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Great news!!!

No, I didn't discover a new acne treatment, I got hired!!!!

I applied for a concierge position at a high end retirement community center in a high end part of town and the manager called me just now to let me know I'm hired! I love the older generation, they rock!

The first thing I need to do is get trained and then I'll be all set to fill in as the other employees may need me to on the weekends. I'm excited, it pays better than I expected/hoped and if I pick up even 1 shift a week, I'm looking at almost $300 a month! Woot!

Now I just need everyone to pray I can pick up atleast 1 shift a week. If so, I'm gonna be able to quickly pay off my debt. Bye bye credit cards!!! Praise the Lord!


4streegrrl said...

Excellent news - congratuations!! :)

I have an affinity for the older generation too, even though I never knew my grandparents and my parents died at relatively young ages. I often think that if this forestry gig doesn't work out (the economy, ya know), I would be interested in studying nutritional health and working with the elderly and/or lower income families, to help to eat and live better on small incomes. Working to improve people's lives, even in a small way, is very attractive to my socialist personality. ;)

My fingers are crossed that you get a shift or two a week!!

forgetfulone said...