Thursday, November 13, 2008

Under construction...

Popping, cracking, power's so loud in here, I feel sorry for my cats! Construction is well underway in the kitchen as they are ripping out the old flooring. I can't believe how many layers of linoleum and then more plywood and then more linoleum there was under there! I also can't believe they've gotten such a late start today. Normally they come before your prearranged time. Today it was well after 1:30 before they really started working. It's 4 pm now and they are still in the first stage, demo. I don't know if they were sleeping in, playing with toys or what!

They still have to fix and replace any of the sub-flooring and pour the concrete leveling stuff before they are finished for the evening...also, the concrete has to have time to dry before it's time for me to go to bed, there's only 1 way in to my bedroom, it's through the kitchen!

On a sillier note, It's very strange to have 2 refrigerators and a stove in my living room LOL

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Vivian said...

hope you are prepared for the long haul of construction...i do not deal well with anything that uproots my normal life....LOL