Saturday, November 08, 2008

What to do, What to do?

Fridays are paydays for me. Yesterday, after leaving the bank, I was so pleased to see this:

I thought the days of $1.xx gasoline were only a memory!! Something to tell the kids and grandkids about, like our grandmas told us stories of the days before telephones, tv's and automobiles.

Normally, I budget $40 per week for gas. Some weeks over the summer, I actually had to up that amount. I also have a favorite local BP gas station...more specifically, a favorite gas pump at that station that it seems when I fill up at this pump, I almost always have gas left over at the end of the week! Maybe it's just a coincidence. Maybe it's wishful thinking and a little OCD.

Anyway, yesterday I was able to fill up my tank for $16!!!! I was so excited, I thought, what to do with the left over money??? I decided to put that 'left over' cash back into the economy and bought myself some new CD's! I visited my local F.Y.E. and picked up some used CD's and a new one. I even bought one for my momma, too :)

As far as my big weekend project goes, I have yet to start on it. I could blame the tv which is usually my biggest distraction, but to be honest, I've been online more than just watching tv this time. Oh well, maybe next weekend!


Patrick D. said...

There's a QT over on Gravois yesterday that was at $1.92 a gallon. Don't forget about for the latest. They're reporting $1.72 in Saint Charles!

BeccaGirl said...

Yeah? I never think to look for lower prices, I have it stuck in my head the gas I get goes farther from "my pump" so I just get really excited when I see that station has good prices LOL It's an OCD thing I think. Hey, maybe those $1.72 prices will migrate this way!

kevin thecollie said...

well, it's all positive since Obama was elected. The Dollar is worth loads more cos there is more confidence in the US economy so my $ earnings buy me more here in the UK

4streegrrl said...

Our gasoline prices dropped to 99.9 cents (Canadian) per litre up here, which is like $4.50 US per gallon (!!!). So you guys are STILL doing much, much better than us for gas prices! I find that weird since the US imports most of its oil from Canada now. Maybe we should stop selling it to you so we can get a break on gasoline?? ;)