Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sometimes plans change

Well, I did not end up going to see the Indiana Jones movie last Friday. Sometimes other things come up and take longer than you think....you know how it goes. Sometimes plans change. No worries!

I ended up going shopping for some new fish tank necessities. Stay tuned for a post and photos on my beautifully cleaned fish tank! (mark that one off the list!) Whew! And what a huge project that is too. My brother wanted my help to attempt to make the first of many helpful hints videos for his business and so he offered to help me with my tank on Saturday afternoon. Working together, it still took us 2 1/2 hours to get done! I was happy to have the help, his upper body strength came in handy when scrubbing the interior walls of the tank...my arms usually give out after the first wall!

I'll post all about the tank at a later time (I still need to take photos). So Friday night was quite busy getting ready for that and I put off going to see the movie for now. It's ok, seeing that particular movie would have been "ok" but there are more movies coming out I'd like to see even more. Some of the movies out now, like 'Wanted', I could care less about seeing. I'd rather read some Leptovox reviews! (I almost said 'Space Chimps' but when I clicked on it, it looked kinda cute LOL) I still want to see Momma Mia, but I'm holding out to see it with my friend Karen. Until then, I'll just enjoy my clean fishtank!

Oh yeah, the Give Me Five Monday meme post for this week just didn't get done on time, so stay tuned for the next installment next week!

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Dawn said...

Isn't it so nice after you accomplish a big task? I just love that feeling. Sorry you didn't get around to seeing the movie, but I hope you do get to see Momma Mia. My friends and I went this past weekend, and we laughed a bunch. It was cute! :-)