Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Late night drama in the city

Tonight at approximately 1:03 am, I was jolted out of bed by the loud sounds of a car accident in front of my apartment. The weather is cool tonight but I have the windows open anyway. So I grab my phone and dial 911 before I even have time to throw on some clothes. I was already in bed, mind you!

So, I ran to the front living room windows and look out. I had to tell the dispatcher on the phone that I heard a terrible crash but now that I'm looking I could only see some debris in the street, I couldn't see any cars! Then out the door and into the street. By this time, other neighbors began to emerge and my attention was directed to about 2 blocks down the street where you could see a white car stopped in the street. As it turns out, this guy had hit the car parked on the street in front of my parking lot and from the vantage point of my apartment, you couldn't see the damage to the car. It's totaled on the other side.

He then proceeded down the street until his right front tire broke off to the right and the car stopped about a foot short of hitting a second car. The other neighbors and myself walked down the street and greeted a young man who was walking around the car. He was almost laughing. I asked him if this was his car and he said, "Yeah, this is my car. I just need to move it over there and park it." I asked him if he was driving and he was like, "Yeah I was...I just need to move it over here."

WOW! Drunk or high much?

Later we saw the drunk/high (maybe both) driver in the back of one of the squad cars. Congratulations dummy, you've won a free night's jail....YESSSSSSS!!! The unfortunate owner of the totaled car never did come out. One of the officers ran the plates on it and it was registered to an address for across the street but he couldn't gain entrance into the building to notify them of the accident situation. They are gonna be ticked off in the morning!!!

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