Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It could have been worse

This past weekend was full of hope to get some much over due projects going around my place. I was tossing around thoughts of getting my oil changed, shopping for wholesale clothes, house cleaning...you know, nothing spectacular but things that were needing some attention.

Saturday morning came and I decided to do the necessary cleaning on my list that requires the use of those annoying yellow cleaning gloves, like changing the cat box and such, before I took my shower and went out to run errands. That would give me an extra opportunity to try and get that latex smell off my hands and wrists. I digress. So I am vacuuming around the cat box and I can tell the electricity is doing a little dance. Nothing major, then I notice the burning smell. "Great! My vacuum is about to burn out and I'll have to sell a kidney to buy another one."

Simultaneously, part of the electricity went out and the smoke detector started screeching! I looked up at the smoke detector and there was smoke coming out of the circuit breaker box hidden behind a wooden trap door in the hallway! Now I notice the smell was not just burned, it was the distinct smell of fire! So I proceeded to begin crying and franticly looking for my phone. I dialed 911. I was so scared, I could hardly talk! The firemen came and checked everything out. Too bad one wasn't Kirk Cameron like in Fireproof! Just joking...

There was no actual fire but it did burn out one of the breakers in that box and it had to wait until Monday to be repaired. Apparently, there were 30 watt glass fuses (yes, I said glass fuses. I know, old school) in one of the circuits in the basement and that allowed things to overheat before tripping the breaker. They aren't supposed to be more than 20 watts. So be sure and check yours to make sure you don't have 30's either!

So, needless to say, I didn't get much done what with having all that going on...Oh well! Atleast there wasn't a real fire!

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