Thursday, March 12, 2009

You can find me on Facebook!

Ok, I finally caved in and joined Facebook. Now, I'm totally addicted! I'm finding myself not even checking my email as much as FB. And the best part? I've been reunited with an old best friend that I had grown apart from years ago! When we were friends last, she had 2 sons around the age of 6 & 5....the oldest is graduating high school in May and she has another son who's now 7!!! It's just wonderful :D

It's also amazing to discover that I only joined Facebook about 3 weeks ago and when I searched for her, she wasn't on there. Last week, she joined and looked for me right away and there I was! Even more amazing is to see how the Lord is working in my life. I had always been left with a sour taste in my mouth at the idea that there were these people who had left my life thinking I was a bad person and Sheila has just proved that wrong! She has proved to me that even though we have all made mistakes and lost years of history because of ill feelings, we are still left with a lifetime of great memories still to make! What a wonderful feeling to regain a lost and broken friendship. Praise the Lord, you are so good to me. I can't wait to meet her/them all over again!!!

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