Monday, March 09, 2009

The Hole in the Wall game show

Have you seen this game show on Fox called 'Hole in the Wall'? It's a great concept for a game show. It's originally a Japanese game that became wildly popular around the world.

There's 2 teams of 3 players and points are given for clearing through the walls that are moving towards the players. The walls are made of thick foam cut out into different shaped openings and the players have to contort themselves in order to clear them. You also have to land in the 'play area' or else it's a 'not clear' and there are no points. Also, *just* behind the play area, is a pool of water and if any part of you ends up in the water, that's also a 'no clear' too.

The melodramatic host and over glamorized female assistant with 80's hair and scantily clad clothes are a bit over the top. But it's understandable considering there's really no 'content' to the show, there's alot of empty time to be filled considering each wall encounter takes about 15 seconds...and that includes the replay. LOL

But it's so fun to watch them try to clear the walls! When they do, your jaw drops down and you can't believe it! Some of the wall combinations are IMPOSSIBLE to clear. Literally. And then, the winning team gets a chance at the blind wall as the sort of 'bonus round' for extra winnings. They pick 1 teammate to be blindfolded and the other 2 have to give directions to how they should position their arms and legs and everything else in order to clear the wall, which rarely happens successfully. But I just finished watching the newest episode and these 3 girls just took home $125,000 for winning the game for $25,000 and they actually successfully cleared the blind wall for an extra $100,000!!! You can watch full episodes of Hole in the Wall on the website. Too funny! It's very entertaining.
It's time, to face the hole!!!

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