Thursday, March 05, 2009

That's it! Tatiana is schitsophrinic.

The judges finally nailed it tonight on American Idol. They finally figured out that there are many faces to Tatiana :)

I personally think she sings just fine but she is (as my friend Patrick says) crazy! She's very entertaining to say the least. She's up, she's down...even when she seems on an even keel, you can't help but to think some crazy is *just* about to seep out from her. They should have put her through just for the entertainment value alone!

And what's up with that, all of a sudden she speaks with a new accent we've never heard before? Viva Las Crazy, fo sho! My condolences to all the Tatiana fans who are disappointed to see her off the show for real this time....unless someone has to drop out in a couple weeks....Tatiana! There's still hope, again!!!! ;-)


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Did you notice her saying, "When I get excited I slip into an accent and speak in spanish" bit? Which Jorge did a day or two ago and then went into the Top 12? I really think she thought the judges would love her just for that or something... it was weird.

BeccaGirl said...

Good observation! Weird, yes...yes it was. And what is that jerking/crying thing all about? There aren't any tears that go with it...too funny! I'm sure it's just very emotional for her, bless her heart.

Diesel said...

The sudden accent clinched it for me. What, she wasn't excited before? Scary.