Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cirque Dreams, A jungle fantasy! TONIGHT

Tonight I have a ticket to see Cirque Dreams, A jungle fantasy at the fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis, Mo.

I'm pretty sure it's a sort of Cirque Du Soleil ripoff. But still, I can't wait! I have only been to the circus one time, when I was 21 no less, and I loved it. Also, I've never been to a ballet of any kind so for me this is a fun combination of both! I'm excited. I just wish I would have ordered a pair of opera glasses from ebay by now. I think they'd come in real handy on nights like these. :)


BeccaGirl said...

Wow, this was really neat to see! Just as I suspected, it was *kinda* like going to the circus. There were so many things to enjoy, the contortionists were among my favorites. They are so bendy! The music was great too. My only complaint was I did not enjoy the singing. I'm not sure if it was just her voice or the part where her mic sounded like it was set up to be projected into a huge venue. The Fox theater is not that big so it was way too much sound for in there. Otherwise it was great!

One of the final acts was this balancing act. Two men, a small platform atop a cylinder atop a small table! They climbed up there and then on top of each other! And if that wasn't enough, they added lifts to the platform, staking them 4 high! THEN they topped that by creating a 5 cylinder stack where the cylinders could roll in any of the 4 directions at the same time!!!!! I was like NO WAY...out loud! My jaw was on the floor! Awesome. I'd def. go see this again...and next time I'm gonna take some friends along!

Fox Friends said...

The Fox Theatre is "that big". The Fox is an unusually large venue of its type. Similar theatres' (those that host broadway shows) are about half the size of the Fox.