Friday, March 20, 2009

Vacation time dreaming

Every time the weather goes from dreary and drab wintery overcast clouds to bright and warm springy blue skies...I want to get out of Dodge! I always want to take a vacation and go see the world and get out of this office! Ugh...

This has been one drawback of working for a business that prepares tax returns, as soon as the weather is getting nicer, that is when we have to work the most hours! Although I am not directly involved in the tax preparations much around here these past few years, I still can't take any time off until after the April 15th tax deadline because I need to be here to do my job since my boss doesn't have enough time to get done what he has to do, much less having time for my work, too.

So, until then, there will be no flight plans, no road trips, no days in the sun at all!! Ok, I'll stop crying in my soup for now...I'm just satisfied to still have a job in this economy!!

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