Saturday, April 05, 2008

I wish I had a laptop


One of these days, I will get one. My brother recently got one and it's been great for him! Because of that, I've been thinking there have been so many times recently where taking my computer with me would be so helpful! Take tonight for instance, I have a meeting at church about the details for the Mother's Day tea coming up in May and I could really put it to good use to keep all the details in order, photos brought in to be used could be scanned in and then returned right away, we could watch other mother's day skits on YouTube and see if there's anything that will fit our theme...the list of good possible uses goes on and on!

So, does anyone have one they aren't using anymore? I could just add a little laptop memory and make good use of it! :) No?

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Fresh Girl said...

Laptops are love. :) I hardly know what I'd do without my MacBook. If you get the chance to get a laptop, think about one of those. So easy and very reliable.