Saturday, April 05, 2008

What a novel and personal gift idea!

I have always loved to give personal or homemade gifts. I always love to get these kinds of gifts, so I know other people appreciate them as well. Knowing my nephew's 4th birthday is coming up in a few weeks, I jumped at the opportunity to choose one of the personalized books that feature his name in a story from Kid's Personally. There were so many to choose from, they had all the popular names:

My nephew is all about the super heroes! His room is decorated with every kind of super hero you can think of! His dad reads to him every night, tall tails of heroic action, he loves it! He has a very healthy imagination and you can just see the wheels turning when he starts to tell you these stories as they play out in his mind.

So I chose the 'Justice League' book to personalize for him. I was able to give details about his name, age, location and a few of his friend's names too. Ordering the book was very simple. Once it came, I read it through and was so excited about it, I didn't want to wait for his birthday! The book was larger than I thought it would be at about 11" x 9".

It was only right for his dad to be the one to read it to him....after all, dad knows how to make the story really come alive!

It was so cute to see his face when he heard his name throughout the story! He would intermittently ask questions about what 'he' was doing and his eyes just went all around studying all 18 of the full color pages! He really really liked hearing how he helped the Justice League save the day from the evil Grodd, a super intelligent gorilla!!!

After he was finished reading his book, of course it had to go right to it's new home on his book shelf for safe keeping until the next time the Justice League calls! If you are looking for great personal and affordable gifts, maybe you should consider some personalized books or other gifts. I'm sure he will enjoy this book for many years to come.

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