Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Name that pill


I don't take pills very often. Today I was having some issues with my carpal tunnel and decided to take an ibuprofen. I go into my purse and grab my bottle of Aleve...that's right, I keep all my pills in one bottle, sue me. So I pour them out into my hand...I find 2 different kinds of Aleve (gel covered tabs and stick-to-your-tongue tabs) in there and orange ibuprofen in there and these:

Is there anyone out there who knows what kind of pills these are? There's no writing on them so I can't look them up. Honestly, I have no ideas to work with either. I didn't take any, cause I would have no idea what to expect! I could have a BM or headache relief or a period! I can't recall where they came from. I wouldn't imagine they are prescription with not having any kind of writing on them. I can't figure it out...Anybody wanna guess?

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forgetfulone said...

I guess it depends on how big around they are. If they're bigger than your aleve and ibuprofen, and they're a light orange color, they could be percogesic (which is like tylenol). It's OTC headache medicine. Of course, if that's what they are, you'd know that!