Friday, April 18, 2008

Cell phone booster - mobile peace of mind

You may remember a post I did a couple of months back called "True story: Picture this...". It tells of a real life boating accident that happened to my dad and his friend. They had too little cell phone reception out on the river to call for help. I wish they would have had a mobile cell phone booster like the one by Wilson I was just given to try out from Powerful Signal. Here's a video that tells all about it:

I was delighted to see how many accessories it came with, adding to it's versatility. I'll be able to go straight from the car to the boat without having to remember extra adapters or parts, it's all conveniently stored in the carrying case which has a very nice handle (which didn't show up well on the video).

It was *extremely* easy to set up and it delivered amplified signal on the first try-within moments after turning it on! I couldn't be happier to have received such an asset to my mobile peace of mind. Hey, I'm a single lady and driving long distances back and forth to see family as well as being out in remote areas fishing and boating will be enjoyed more peacefully from now on.

Thanks again to all the kind folks over at for providing this opportunity and choosing me as a recipient. I will make sure it is put to good use! It's not quite boating season yet, so because it was the closest location I could think of, I'd also like to thank Kim, my co-director and photographer for creative help and patience but most of all, for lending me the use of her house...the place where cell phone signal goes to die! :)

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