Thursday, June 14, 2007

Best spent 50 cents - ever!

So I was in a local thrift store the other day, looking for ideas for a craft, when I turned the corner and was suddenly overjoyed!!! What did I see you ask?

Well, only the soundtrack on vinyl from my fave movie musical of all time, that's what!


I was so excited and then I discovered it was ONLY 50 cents! What? Sweeeeeet!!

Mind you, I do not own an actual record player right now. But I'm still all too happy to have it. It makes me happy inside. Yes, I do have the CD.

Also, the front opens to many photos from the movie and fun 'yearbook' type notes all around.

Very fun! Sometimes, it's the little things...

How about you? Have you ever found something small or inexpensive that just brought you child-like joy?


Patrick D. said...

Fifty cents? You got taken.

BeccaGirl said...

Bite me. LOL