Monday, June 18, 2007

Self inflicted power outage

Wow, duuuuuh - me!

I was just sitting here at my desk working along, reading, typing, you know whatever. When all of a sudden, the screen went completely blank! The music stopped.

I thought, "That's weird, usually when the power goes out, the lights and every thing go off all at the same time. It is slightly raining, but....." and then it dawned on me. I am sitting in my office chair with my left foot tucked up under me. Which means, my right foot is dangling carefree. My CPU is under my desk and low and behold, yep, I turned off the computer with my big toe!!! Wheew, that was freaky! Guess I'll have to remember that next time. Mental note:

Of course, my boss didn't think it was all that funny. He simply used the opening to remind me again, that's another good reason to keep my shoes on. Point taken, but my shoe would have done the same thing in that position!


Stephen said...

Switching the PC off inadvertently would be the least of my problems. I'd be too busy trying to wake up my other foot tucked underneath. All that numbness and pins and needles!

BeccaGirl said...

Yes, it does happen too. But I switch back and forth and sometimes not at all. It's really bad for the circulatory system in my poor feet, but old habbits, you know?