Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My current fav magazine

'World' magazine is a very interesting publication. I'm not sure how I got turned onto it, but I really enjoy getting a new one in the mail. It comes out almost weekly, and has a full range of articles. I believe the idea is, 'Weekly news - Christian views.' It has a full range of coverages: current events, movie and book reviews, travel issues, human issues, political issues, financial issues and my favorite section "The Buzz" (go figure). I love the short stories taken from around the world that are just well, sometimes odd. This week, they have blurbs about a strange fish found in the Ohio river that has actual teeth (yep, they look like a redneck's teeth, but human nonetheless), that guy that was taken for a ride in his wheelchair for about 2 miles lodged on the front grill of a semi truck and other stories of strange and interesting caliber. Anyway, it's very cool, very affordable (24 issues for $24.95 or 48 issues for $49.95!) and I recommend it to anyone, Christian or not. It's a nice publication!!
This is not a paid advertisement!!!

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