Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"On the Lot" rocks! 2

Well, the next installment of "On the Lot" was on last night. The directors were given 1 week to put together a 3 min. short film. This week, they showcased only 5 of the remaining directors' films, and will eliminate 1 from that group. I suppose the plan is to feature the second set of 5 directors next week, and the final 5 the week after that.
Tuesday's episode served us 5 unique stood out to me as clearly the best. It just so happens to be made by the same director as my favorite film from last week, Sam Friedlander. It's called "Broken Pipe Dreams" and can be viewed here:

I really didn't have a second favorite this week. Frankly the others paled in comparison, but I will give a short review as follows:
~Laughing Out Loud: A comic journey - Yeah, I really didn't get this one. It wasn't funny, it wasn't scary, it wasn't deep and meaningful, it was action less.
~The first time I met the Finkelsteins - It was just ok. It had some funny moments, but mostly I felt like this one had more awkward moments that they were trying to pass off as just funny. Didn't work for me.
~Dough: The Musical - I think this one was at least funny, in a sense. Maybe I just don't find humor in a girl being attracted to a guy so she can get out of debt. Eh...
~Teri (Blind Date) - This one I felt, had potential. The guy's fears are played out in characters with extreme personalities, but I think it could have had a better ending. It just felt wow-less.
I can't wait to see what next week will bring us!!
Also, you can check out a bunch of indy short films submitted by people who aren't on the show for your entertainment purposes. Enjoy!
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(This was not a paid advertisement, I just like the show!)

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Ace Starry said...

I really enjoyed Sam Friedlander's film. I cracked up when he had to choose the red or the blue thread to cut with the fingernail clippers. Of all of them, his movie seemed to be more complete. It had a beginning, middle, rising conflict and a punch line at the end. My second favorite was probably Adam Stein's musical and it was a close second. The girl who made the documentary showed she can make a well-filmed documentary, but I'm not going to pay good money to see it. As for the rest, they weren't even memorable to me.