Sunday, June 24, 2007

Knocked Up - Movie review

I recently saw the new comedy "Knocked Up."

It had some bad language, drugs and sex (of course) but despite all that, I thought it was a very funny movie. I have learned to sorta look through that stuff and focus on the story and characters. It was unrealistic in the sense that they tried to make a relationship work from their one night stand, only after she found out she was pregnant.

Bad idea. My review - my opinions.

I liked all of the actors in this movie, and wow did it have alot of them! I'm so terrible with names, but I'll give you my version: there's 'Izzy' from Grey's Anatomy, a bunch of people from the 40 Year Old Virgin (same director) - the curly headed stock room guy, the guy who couldn't get over his girlfriend and these two used to argue about how they know the other one is gay, Steve Carell, the drunk girl from the club that wasn't supposed to drive drunk and then threw up on him, the mom from Growing Pains, the curly headed chubby guy from Campus Ladies (who looks slimmer now, good for him!), the tall guy 'Marshal' from How I Met Your Mother, that funny lady from SNL who outdoes everyone, Ryan Seacrest, Jessica Simpson, and a bunch of other people I've seen before, but can't place.

I also liked the music for this movie too. I actually feel like this movie was a side splitting hit and probably better than the trailers made it seem. Some of my favorite scenes were from the Vegas road trip the guys took. For my friend Patrick, there's a great scene about the best way to get pink eye. Then the room scene with the chairs, I must say, I laughed so hard, I had tears for a minute there. Those chairs were hilarious!! I'm so easily amused.

So there you have it! I liked it, but if you are offended by the 'R' rating, you might wanna pass. There are other funny movies to see!

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Sarah said...

I thought the movie was hilarious, a lot better than I expected. I didn't realise how many recognisable actors there were in the movie until you listed them!

BeccaGirl said...

Oh, I know, I was really surprised and delighted. The previews and trailers didn't make it look as good as it was, although, it did look good LOL