Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Biggest Loser - Couples Week 2

Season 5 - Couples
"What have you done for me, to make me feel proud?"

Man, I love this show!!! And watching them every week makes me want to stock up on a variety of fitness equipment so I can get a decent workout at home!

Last week, week 1, introduced us to all the couples which included a couple who had never met before. After a couple of tasks & challenges, including an initial up hill climb for the right to have your choice of trainers between Bob and Jillian. They also raced along a flat course while contending with a giant balloon navigating around obstacles as fast as they could back over the finish line. The first team to go home was a father and daughter team, the green team. I felt bad for the daughter because she was really into it and felt like she needed to stay but her father didn't seem to be in the same place mentally.

Lynn and Jennifer were voted off and sent home. I hope you can stay with it and have success at home!!

This week, week 2, the couples had to ride a ginormous see saw 100 times up and down finishing the fastest to win the challenge! I'm sorry but that looked like wicked fun! I really like it how some of the couples went on and finished the challenge even after the 1st team had already taken the prize. The reward was the privilege of calling home which everyone wanted to do. This week my emotions during the show were as up and down as that see saw challenge! Some contestants ate during the temptation but over all they did ok for the most part. The biggest shocker of the night was when everyone went up to weigh, with the exception of only a very few people, everyone lost such small amounts of weight. 0, 1, 2, 4 pounds, for a whole week! And we saw them working out and doesn't make much sense. Bob and Jillian teamed up to train as a duo this week, but honestly, I can't imagine how that would negatively affect the weigh in. Someone should school me if I'm wrong here. Falling below the yellow line and subsequently being voted off to go home this week was the married couple making up the brown team.

Curtis and Mallory, keep up the good work at home, you can do it!!!


the teach said...

Oh Becca, my husband and I ought to really be following along...

Remember on my blog you asked why people would hunt whales...they hunt them not because they ar dangerous but because they are food and used to make oil and other things humans use. :)

the teach said...

Becca, I tagged you for a Crazy Eights meme. You don't have to do it of course...:)Work of the Poet

Amelia said...

You wanted to know why people could work out and not lose much weight. Remember that weight is only one very deceptive number. Building muscle adds weight even if you lose the same amount of fat--muscle weighs more.

However, the benefit of adding muscle is that it actually burns more calories even when you're just sitting around on your bum, so it will help you lose even more fat. So build muscles! Drink water! Get plenty of sleep! Be a healthy woman.

Working on my own obstacles,

BeccaGirl said...

Right on, I think it just seemed so odd because these people have only been working out a few days and haven't really had a chance yet to build up pounds of muscles that would sway the difference on the scale. Besides women take longer to build muscle than men because of testosterone levels....anyway, I can't wait to see how this week comes out. I think they will go back to separate trainers and we'll see how they do this week! :)