Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcome in, 2008!

Greetings to all you passers by. Just a little note to welcome in the new year and kick off my blogging. Things are in full swing around here, plenty going on, the Lord certainly keeps us busy doesn't He? For all those people who think Christianity is boring, think again!

One thing I would like to do this year, and I am seriously considering to get my own domain. I know I have talked about it before but I would really like to get away from this free site. If for no other reason than they don't even seem to be able to maintain stability of the heading. It's small it's normal it's small again...too frustrating. I have no control over that. For now I will continue to use this blog. I may have to start posting about commercial real estate or the like to earn some extra income and afford my domain hosting costs.

For now I will forge on and just deal the header thing. I would also like to take this opportunity to shout out an "I'm sorry I did/said that!" to anyone I spoke to or acted in a way I shouldn't have. Individually I have sent out a couple already but there are going to be some changes I'm making this year that some people may not understand. They will seem contrary to things I've said very recently. All I know is, I didn't say what I wanted to say then and I am excited about some upcoming issues. Things don't always fit the way you think they will and sometimes you have to make adjustments and compromises. I feel the Lord is leading me in a direction and I am very happy about it. I hope you can understand and if you have any questions at all, please talk to me about it. I am now an open book and a neutral party, just call me Switzerland baby!

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Misty Dawn said...

Well, you certainly never said anything that upset me ;-) I wish you a wonderful 2008, my friend.