Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Cross it off the list!

I'm getting things done on my big list so I'm here to cross them off! I'm beginning to think I need some kind of organizer to keep it all straight, not so much something like an assisted living software but maybe like a little version of me following me around quietly and keeping me on track. Someone who's job it is to keep up with appointments and run my errands. Ok, now I'm just dreaming!

I have now completed as much as I can on the curtains for my Sunday School class teacher. I will just take my things to her house and finish the rod pockets there as well as finishing the 4 accent pulls to be the desired length to give the curtains proper "droop."

I will take photos to show off my handy-work. They are really very simple curtains, but I think they will look nice in her space!

1 down, 30 to go! :)

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