Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Heads or Tails #21 - The letter "C"

Today's Heads or Tails brought to us by Barb, is anything we want to do or say about the letter "C". I can't pass this one up!

First, I must say this: Counting calories is crazy conversation!

Ok, not that that is out of the way, let's continue! I can't think of anything more worth sharing than a clever little collection of photos with a message. So clean off your computer screen and see if you can figure it out from these cunning shots. There is something in each one that starts with a "C". Can you find them all? Bear with me, I'm being very cheesy.

Answers: 1. Christ, 2. Cash, 3. Cross, 4. Cover, 5. Call (box, call box, I know...)

The moral of the story is? Christ came to pay the ultimate price on the cross to cover my sins and create the only true path to God so we can certainly be with them for eternity! All I have to do is call on His Holy name!

Eh? Pretty clever, huh? I can't complain about it! I know, I'm completely crazy!


Misty Dawn said...

I LOVE this post Becca - you are awesome!

peppylady said...

number 4 and 5 had me stumped.
My head or tail is up.

Andrée said...

HA How creative is that! Reminds me of those word puzzles (rebus?) that kids play! Good job!

secret agent mama said...

Wonderfully done!

Skittles said...

VERY clever! I wasn't sure about the callbox though and had to cheat. :)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

You did a great job with this - I had to cheat on a few though... :)