Monday, January 21, 2008

Give Me Five Monday Meme #10

Monday, January 21, 2008

The 'Give Me Five' Monday meme is designed to share fun information with each other in a simple short list! Here's how it works. Each week, I will put out a random topic from my list of topics and you share 5 answers of your choice on the given topic and link back here! You can add photos, links or stories or just a simple list of your own of 5 things that relate to the topic as it pertains to you and your life experiences. It doesn't have to be in any order of importance unless otherwise specified.
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Give Me Five 'favorite searches' on Ebay (for shopping or browsing or any other ideas not selling related)!

I enjoy shopping and browsing on ebay when I can and thought, what a great topic for Give Me Five! I don't usually buy clothes or especially shoes, I am waaaaaay too much of a 'try-er on-er' for that, but there are many other things ebay offers up for my shopping curiosities among other things...

1. I love to get ideas from ebay. I would never try to make money from these ideas, but sometimes they can be helpful when I'm trying to play a shower or favors for women's luncheons or various other creative projects that come up from time to time. Sometimes you can find parts of your centerpieces for the tables and so on! Other people have great ideas and it helps my creative juices to get going too. Sometimes I'll see one thing and it sparks my mind in a new direction and the end results are always fun and enjoyed by everyone!

2. One of my favorite searches is for "ruthin castle". I know, off the wall right? Ruthin Castle is in Wales and I visited there last year. My saved search checks everyday for new items listed with 'ruthin castle' in the title and you'd be surprised at all the different items that pop up. Obviously the search goes for days with no new results but that's what makes it so exciting when I get that daily email of my favorite searches and there's one listed for Ruthin castle. I was lucky enough one time to win an actual room key from the hotel inside the castle where we stayed!

3. I have become a fan of 'Nigella Lawson' who has a cooking show on Food network called Nigella Express. Her show is out of England and is very fun and interesting. It only airs once a week here in the states (that I know of) and is a half hour show. Admittedly, she makes many dishes that I would never care to try but it's her delivery and poise and eloquence that keeps me coming back for more every week! Ok, that and the eggs. When she cooks with eggs, I am reminded of the gorgeous golden yokes of the English eggs I enjoyed on my vacation last year. I've been going on and on about the eggs so much that every time my friend and I watch Nigella who also goes on and on about them, she says she wants to visit England just to try the eggs! Nigella has a very handy wisk that I picked up for myself and my friend when I visited England last year from Harrod's. Of course you can purchase them online, if you can't make the trek across the big pond yourself.

4. 'At Home America' is another favorite search of mine. I have a friend who sells it and so I keep my eyes out for great deals on items from the past as well as great buys to pick up from the current catalogs.

5. I also have 2 different searches going right now for Arbonne products that have been discontinued that I really liked. It's nice to have the system find items for you and bring them right to your email's inbox. Also, it's nice to have the system to even remember to search for me! Going browsing on ebay isn't something I do everyday by no means, so this helps me 'be good' in those terms as well.

If you don't currently utilize the 'favorite searches' section of ebay, you may be missing out on some really special items, so be sure to give it a try if you haven't already!!
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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

This was fun. I was more general than you, but did have fun with this one. Have a great GM5 Becca. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this idea for GM5! Now I've got lots of ideas for cool things to find on ebay!

Anonymous said...

Interesting topic this week! :) Thanks!

Tammy said...

I LOVE eBay!!!

Anonymous said...

Also, I've tagged you for the Linky Love 2008 Meme!

Misty Dawn said...

I'm a major eBay addict. On any other day, I would have been more elaborate in my posting, but some unexpected events have happened today, so I had to be short and to the point.

Anna said...

I haven't searched ebay for anything in a while. I guess I better get busy.

the teach said...

That was indeed fun Becca! That was the first time I really looked into eBay... :)

Anonymous said...

Becca, my Give me Five is up at Answers to the Questions

Ignore the link 'the teach" above...:)

forgetfulone said...

I like this meme! Just stumbled on it. I really like your idea of searching ebay for crafty items for favors and such.

the teach said...

Becca,The Excellent Blogger Award is waiting for you at my blog: Work of the Poet

Skittles said...

Ugh.. could you put me on a reminder list for this!