Thursday, January 03, 2008

A 'Farkle' apology

In all fairness, the last time I remember hearing the word 'Farkle' was either at a holiday party a few weeks ago or at church a few weeks ago. Either way, I don't remember promising on Sunday to come play Farkle with a friend on Wednesday but when I didn't show up, they were terribly disappointed in me! Now that friend is threatening to throw me off his blog! So I guess an apology is in order here....I wouldn't want to put a Farkle in my link love chain!

So to my dearest friend, PatrickD. over at Patrick Says, I apologize! I didn't mean to let you down, I didn't even mean to not hear you at all when you thought this Farkle night up in your head but I am sorry you are disappointed in me and I will play Farkle with you at our earliest convenience, you have my word!

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Patrick D. said...


I watched 'Spiderman 3' instead. So there.