Thursday, January 31, 2008

Winter storm in the Midwest

Here in the Midwest we are experiencing a very nice winter storm. Right now, outside the snow is falling steadily and in every direction at the same time. It's really very beautiful to see! Although, looking at it makes me want to go digging under our bathroom vanities for the big jug of body lotion to soothe my dry itchy skin from the cold air that comes with it :)

Weather like this always reminds me of being a kid. Those mornings you'd wake up to find tons of inches of snow had fallen (remember how things seemed when you were young) and you'd beg your parents to let you go out and play in it. I remember being so cold and thighs were fire red and almost frozen solid! It always took a very long time to get warm again but it was worth it!

There was a big high school across the street from our house and there were a few places we could go sledding that were ok with mom's rules for not going too far away. It was just a 'given' that all the neighborhood kiddos would gather in this one place to begin the task of carving out the perfect rut. There was a large concrete embankment with stairs on either side and if there was enough snow coverage, it provided the best environment for sledding fun! You could get up some serious speed and at the bottom we would create a hump that would cause you to go up in the air! Admittedly...sometimes this part didn't work out so well. Ahhh.....good times!

Unfortunately, the winter storm I referred to above as 'nice' will be turning naughty later on tonight. They are predicting an additional delivery of snowfall that could result in up to 7 more inches on top of what we end up with today. Ugh! It's times like these I wish I didn't have to worry about having to get out and drive in it to go to work and just throw on 8 layers of clothes and grab a big red plastic disc and find a big hill!!!


Fresh Girl said...

I wish I could take some of that snow off your hands. We haven't had a good big snow in years! And since I don't have to leave the house, I could handle being stuck inside for awhile. ;)

C. R. Morris said...

No way! Too cold for me! But I loved reading your post because for some of us in the South, it's the only snow exposure we'll get.

Bunny Trails said...

I love the walk down memory lane. I would even play out in the snow in my down coat and shorts!

One year, I rolled an enormous snowball from the front yard to the back and it got to big to go through the gate. I pushed it across the back yard, under a tree and shaped it into an armchair. I also made a foot rest. Because it sat under a tree and was so large, it took FOREVER to melt. I was sitting in it in the spring in my shorts, enjoying a soda! Fun times! And I never worried about the roads being icy or slipperty or anything. Just enjoyed the snow!! :D