Thursday, February 14, 2008


To all those who have a sweetheart today on Valentine's Day,

Have a happy, fun and safe February 14th!!!

I hope you weren't sucked into the hype that has become Valentine's Day. I believe Hallmark-type stores have become a franchise just to make money from 'holidays' like this. Why is it even considered a holiday anyway? No one is off work and the banks are open.

When you are a child, Valentine's Day is cute and fun and you get candy and sweets. Maybe it's because I've never had a Valentine on Valentine's Day but I just don't get it. It's supposed to be two people who are in love celebrating that love but correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that what anniversaries are for? If you pay attention to all the jewelry store commercials and the many other commercials around this time, you would think it's a day designed for men to have to go out and buy stuff to make the women happy! And women who put any expectations on this day are just setting their own stage for disappointment. Hello, love and gift buying should go both ways!!!

I think you can celebrate love any day of the year (especially your specific special day of love remembrance also called your anniversary). I fully believe you can show someone you love them in little ways that don't cost a bunch of money too. I just don't get this extra day for everyone to celebrate something so personal to you and your lover. Well, like I said, maybe it's because I have lived all '25' of these years without celebrating Valentine's Day, I still don't get it. LOL

Clarification-for all those who might think I speak from bitterness:
What I don't get is the commercialization of people's affections for monetary gain. It's fine to celebrate love! Don't read more into this than what I am saying right here. It falls in line with how over-commercialized Christmas and all the other actual holidays have become as well. "Oh, it's a holiday, let's all run to the mall with our credit cards" instead of draw closer together and give of ourselves and our time. Not interested! I'm not saying giving a gift is bad or wrong or that I'm bitter about not receiving any particular gifts, I get lots of gifts! I find treasure in the company and affections of my friends and loved ones. I show them I care in other ways as well as small gifts, if I see something. I just disagree with going out and overspending and climbing further into debt on people for the sake of a holiday tradition that's gotten way out of hand or because society puts pressure on us to give as much or more than we can to show our's asinine and ludicrous to be a poor steward of your money just because society wants you to! People will remember you for what you bring to their lives...not what you bring for under their tree or in a card and chocolate.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

You are right it's a commercial thing. Lot of that going on too. We don't spend anything on Valentine's Day. We love each other 365 so don't need to spend money to prove it. You have a great V day too. :)

Anonymous said...

If you ever had a sweetheart on Valentine's Day you'd get it. Sound bitter to me

BeccaGirl said...

No, Mr. or Mrs. or Miss anonymous...I'm far from bitter. For me to be bitter would mean that I am belittling sweethearts...which I am not, if you'll notice. What I don't get is the commercialization of people's affection for monetary gain. I even said, I understand wanting to celebrate a shared love and affection for your sweetheart/lover but that anniversaries are already in place for just such the occasion. I just think the stigma of performing legalistically is ridiculous to say the least. If guys don't get jewelry, candy, flowers and a card then the woman feels let down and unloved. It's all a bit ridiculous.

If I were bitter, it would mean I am upset no one performs this way for me. I don't believe in it, therefore I cannot be bitter about it. I would actually be upset if a man did this for me just because it's Valentine's day! There are a great number of things he could do on any day of the year to let me know how much he loves me, silly billy! That's what I want, not some ritualistic faux version of it because he feels obligated out of someone else's tradition.

Misty Dawn said...

Well I must admit, I got my husband a gift for Valentines Day, but he didn't get anything for me... so, I guess we go against the 'norm'.

Becca, even though you don't get Valentine's Day, I'd still like to tell you Happy Valentines Day, because I love you, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Do you buy a gift for your mother on Mother's Day? Or your father a gift on Father's Day? Do you celebrate Christmas, since you are a Christian from what I've read? It's all the same...Now if you answer that honestly, you'll see why people would say you're bitter. And like you said, it's just a holiday, no need to rant about it. =)

BeccaGirl said...

Anonymous: Obviously you do not understand plain English. As I stated more than once in more than one way, I never said it's not ok to celebrate! It's not a question of celebration. Let's remember the part where I said, it's great to celebrate your love, remember??? I enjoy celebrating mom on Mother's day but I don't always buy gifts for mom on Mother's Day, sometimes we spend the day together and I prepare her dinner. I've written things for her and such. I don't feel the need to buy flowers and gifts of gold and diamonds like all the commercials would like you to think you need to do for your mom if you really love her. My complaint lies with the over-commercialization of all these holidays into buying frenzies and big let downs when you don't get what you were expecting. The existentialism of today's society is so far from where it should be, it's almost appalling, to me.

Your question about Christmas is, "Do you celebrate Christmas?" Yes, I do! Of course!!! Do I over buy gifts, no, I do not. I don't accept purchasing gifts as a definition of celebrating any occasion. For me, it's the sharing of yourself. I would much rather a friend invite me over for coffee and a chat than go out and spend money on some trinket I might or might not enjoy. Sometimes I make gifts...I don't have to buy anything. The issue is in the over-commercialization of gift giving and overspending to impress people or show your love.

I am a Christian, thank you for noticing!

Where I am concerned, it's true, I used to be bitter. I used to be consumed with unhappiness and bitterness, just ask anyone who was my friend or family then. But I do not suffer from those feelings anymore, this is how I know I am not coming from a bitter place. You don't actually know me, you are judging me by a few lines on a blog. You can think I am a bitter person all day long, but it doesn't make it so and it doesn't really matter to me :)

Now, about this 'ranting' you mentioned...let's remember one thing, it's *my* blog and I can rant if I want to...I can also delete comments at the whim of my will. I only allow 'everyone' the ability to post in order for my friends and family who don't have a 'Blogger' account to post comments. Feel free to do a search on this blog for 'all things anonymous' to discover the fate of comments hiding behind the vale of anonymous. ;-)

"Now be gone, before someone drops a house on you!"

Skittles said...

Not that I would turn down a diamond necklace.. but I don't need that to know Mike loves me. We just exchange cards. :)

forgetfulone said...

I absolutely agree! In fact, last Saturday, I reposted something very similar. Hallmark or holiday? I think it's a greeting card company/chocolate company holiday. V-day is barely over, and all the Easter stuff is out now. I celebrate Easter for the significance of the day, but V-day doesn't really give me anything to celebrate, does it?

Anonymous said...

hi all! i just want to say that like just about every holiday in this is very commercial and all about "gimmee".
if you truly love don't need gifts.......the biggest gift you give is yourself 365 days a year...'cept this year, it's 366! lol! love ya bucka! shell

NuttyGal said...

You are so right and I love your replies to that anonymous person that just wasn't getting it - why do people think it is ok to make comments like that? Anyway's I'm defo with ya on this one :o) Na Night XX