Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day 2008!

To all those people who were born on February 29th or on the off chance people got married on February 29th, I say, "Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!" You only get to celebrate once every 4 years so go big on the party and have 2 pieces of cake! :) In the case of leap birthdays, the good news is that you are waaaay younger than all the other people born that year! So hey, here's to the fountain of youth you've stumbled into! Of course, it will take much longer for your car insurance rates to go down because of your young age, but in the end, holding onto your youth is priceless, right? And now a game to entertain you! (or drive you batty, which it just might do, but I promise, it is solvable. I've done it!)


Stacey @Real World Mom said...

Great post, Becca! Happy Leap Year to you, my Friend! :-)

forgetfulone said...

How cute is this post! I have an award for you today.

BeccaGirl said...

Thanks Diana! I'm going to go get it and add it to my list of awards! I appreciate the thoughts, thanks!