Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Quick Cash

Quick, help me think of a way to raise about $170.00! No, it's not to pay for my car insurance!

In today's mail, I got a catalog from Jessica London. I don't remember every purchasing from that catalog or online before, so I'm not sure why I get it, but I found 4 things in there I really *really* want!

A white long sleeved jacket with 3 buttons - $44.90

A red empire waist trench coat with bell sleeves - $49.90

A scoop necked jersey cotton knit top with cap sleeves (in white) - $29.90

A white and black print jersey cotton knit top with cap sleeves - $29.90

I could live without the last one...but I'd really like to order the other ones! Maybe I should see if there's some extra-extra overtime I can work! Maybe my blogging friends would like to donate to my cause...............cause I would like to have them! LOL


Misty Dawn said...

Honestly Becca, the last one is my favorite - I really like it! Followed by the first one. I wish you luck - if you figure out a way for the quick cash, can you let me know? Cuz I'm REALLY trying to get that dream camera ;-)

Jean said...

I never heard of this company. I love the coat! Thanks for posting. The things you learn and find on the net!